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S a t u r d a y  4 t h   J u l y   2 0 2 0

Jaminaround and The Ancient Technology Centre host a one-night only voyage into the musical unknown!

Building on the success of last year's event, Jaminaround and Beauty And The Beat once again team up to curate a very special celebration of music, dancing, togetherness and iron-age architecture! 


This year's event will be an almighty collaboration of three teams of music-loving, forward-thinking party creators, with the awesome Free Movements bringing their brand of live improvised experimental electronic dance music to the party.

Jaminaround x Beauty And The Beat 2019, photos courtesy of Silvia Gin

Beauty And The Beat have gained a legendary reputation for their excellent free-thinking, inclusive dancing parties in London. Their ethos has its roots in a long, broad tradition that includes the spiritual jazz of the Coltranes and Sun Ra; the trance-rhythms and rebel rock infusing so much African, Caribbean, Latin and Brazilian music; the countercultural matrix of acid rock, fusion and psychedelic funk; the underground river that flows through disco, house, techno and other electronica; the experimental cyberfunk of Kraftwerk, Can and their descendants. It’s an Afro-psychedelic tradition that values creative, intense, hypnotic and celebratory musics as means for bringing people together, while enabling them to enjoy their differences. It’s a tradition in which we experience togetherness as a mode of  true freedom as well as physical joy.

Or in other words: free your mind, and your ass will follow !

Free Movements are "re-imagining the rave" and "re-establishing music as a collectively-shaped, mind-expanding, energising and unifying activity".

"We are anti-sexist/racist and aim to create a space of freedom, love and consideration for ourselves and each other".

Free Movements was created by maverick London-based keyboardist/producer Dan Nicholls (Squarepusher, Matthew Herbert, Goldie and Heritage Orchestra). The event combines thoughtful and challenging DJ sets with breathtakingly good live improvised electronic dance music, which Nicholls leads alongside an assortment of top collaborators.

Performing alongside Nicholls at this special one-off Free Movements presentation are regular collaborators Dave DeRose and Adam Betts, two drum kit players of supreme prestige and incredible creativity and percussive skills, their combined CV reading like a 'who's who' of top level creative music artists. It's going to be pure fire!!

CORONAVIRUS SITUATION: his event is now cancelled.

For those who have already booked tickets, I will provide a refund of all ticket money in the eventuality of a cancellation. The booking fee paid to etickets website is unfortunately non-refundable, as that has already been paid to the ticket agent.

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Background photo: Silvia Gin