p r e s e n t s

B E A U T Y   A N D   T H E    B E A T

S a t u r d a y   1 7 t h   J u l y

Beauty And The Beat have gained a near legendary reputation for hosting dancing parties of impeccable taste in music, a first-rate audiophile sound system and a welcoming, inclusive spirit.


BATB return to Jaminaround with their bespoke sound-system and bags filled with exceptionally funky, wonderfully weird and undeniably danceable records for a special summer party in this unique and wonderfully inspiring building.


In addition: Live, improvised performance on the night courtesy of keyboardist/composer Dan Nicholls and producer/drum kit specialist Dave De Rose. The duo of drums and keyboards create completely improvised dance music, awash with a deep and cosmic sound world and joyous energy.

J  A  M  I  N  A  R  O  U  N  D

Dave De Rose.jpg

Please note: All the overnight stay ticket allocation for this event has been sold. Standard event tickets (without overnight stay) are still available. Please follow updates on Jaminaround facebook page. Also check info section of this website.

Background photo: Silvia Gin