CORONAVIRUS SITUATION: Obviously there uncertainty everywhere regarding the viability of public gatherings, so the question of whether Jaminaround events for 2020 will be going ahead is in doubt also.


The nature of the event being relatively small and the organisation team being small, it could be mobilised to go ahead at fairly short notice - providing both the artists are still willing to keep it provisionally booked and there will be enough audience in attendance to make it work financially. Goodness knows we could all do with a good party if (however unlikely it looks at the moment) it happens that restrictions are relaxed by the time the event dates come around.

For those who have already booked tickets, I will provide a refund of all ticket money in the eventuality of a cancellation. The question of refunding additional booking fee is tricky, as that has already been paid to the ticket agent. I will investigate their policy of booking fee refunds and update in due course.

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