An urgent and engaging performer, poet, singer, dancer and percussionist, backed by an explosively tight live band, Dizraeli brings his whole being to his shows and will leave it all out there at Jaminaround 2020 part 1! In November 2019 Dizraeli launched his new album ‘The Unmaster’, announcing a fresh style and a completely new chapter in his music making: Hip Hop meets garage and grime, shot through with his trademark musical innovation and lyrical dexterity. The music on the album explores the chaos of the world and his own experience of a mental breakdown. By turns frantic, tender, heavy and ecstatic and always driven by heavy basslines and frenzied beats.
 “An incredible album… brilliant” - GILLES PETERSON
 "A brave and wildly different sound... startling" – TOM ROBINSON – BBC 6 MUSIC

SNOWPOET are a London based band led by vocalist Lauren Kinsella and composer and multi-instrumentalist Chris Hyson. Blending sweet hook-laden vocal lines with warm and lush arrangements, the music is infectious, delicate and tasteful. The sound is clear and beautifully produced while the lyrical content exhibits a deep and raw emotion. Surrounded in the band by guitarist Chris Montague, Matt Robinson on piano and Dave Hamblett on drums, Snowpoet create from a full-spectrum colour palette sustained and illuminated by supreme levels of musicianship. Snowpoet released their most recent album ‘Thought You Knew’ in 2018 to rave reviews, confirming their reputation as one of the most interesting and vibrant vocal led ensembles in the UK today.

“Thought You Knew offers a delicately haunting collection of songs that seamlessly straddle the boundaries of folk, jazz and popular music and are all infused with, as the name suggests, a subtle poetic delivery.” ALL ABOUT JAZZ

“Such a flawless vocal performance…”  NICK LUSCOMBE, BBC RADIO 3

BAQUE LUAR is a London-based collective of female vocalists and percussionists united by their love of Brazilian and Afro-Brazilian roots music. Drawing inspiration from the rich soundscapes and traditions of maracatu, coco, bumba meu boi, tambores de Minas, and ciranda as well as sacred rhythms of Brazilian Candomblé, Baque Luar combines original multivocal compositions and arrangements with powerful percussive grooves. Meaning ’moonlit beat’, Baque Luar is also an ongoing exploration of female rhythmic creativity, engaging critically with gender imbalances in drumming traditions worldwide as well as the music industry at large. With a unique mixture of intricate arrangements, vocal harmonies, dance and a spectacular array of DRUMS, these women will rock you!

Scottish Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Adam Beattie has been active as a performer on the UK music scene since 2003 and has released 4 albums of his own songs. Having roots in Scottish folk music, as well as a lifelong interest in old time jazz, blues and other folk styles, his music spans many genres, but is all held together by Adam's distinctive voice and narrative lyrics. He has played opening shows for many of his musical heroes; Bert Jansch, Jolie Holland and Sean Hayes. He is also part of Band of Burns, a 12-piece band of singers and instrumentalists, who have memorably appeared at Jaminaround Earthouse events twice in recent years.
'Incredibly Beautiful' - Mary Anne Hobbs, BBC 6 MUSIC
'Carefully crafted, gently affecting songwriting with a dark twist' - Roddy Hart, BBC RADIO SCOTLAND

More acts TBA...

Advance tickets: £25.00, tickets on the door: £30.00.

A one-day festival of music and performance, bringing internationally acclaimed artists to perform and entertain in the uniquely inspiring setting of Cranborne Earthouse, at The Ancient Technology Centre, Cranborne, Dorset.

D i z r a e l i

A d a m   B e a t t i e

S a t u r d a y  3 0 t h   M a y   2 0 2 0

J  A  M  I  N  A  R  O  U  N  D   p a r t  1

B a q u e   L u a r

S n o w p o e t

CORONAVIRUS SITUATION: Obviously there uncertainty everywhere regarding the viability of public gatherings, so the question of whether Jaminaround events for 2020 will be going ahead is in doubt also.


The nature of the event being relatively small and the organisation team being small, it could be mobilised to go ahead at fairly short notice - providing both the artists are still willing to keep it provisionally booked and there will be enough audience in attendance to make it work financially. Goodness knows we could all do with a good party if (however unlikely it looks at the moment) it happens that restrictions are relaxed by the time the event dates come around.

For those who have already booked tickets, I will provide a refund of all ticket money in the eventuality of a cancellation. The question of refunding additional booking fee is tricky, as that has already been paid to the ticket agent. I will investigate their policy of booking fee refunds and update in due course.

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