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Mesadorm's emotive and skilled melding of the pastoral and synthetic is the result of a combination of experienced musicianship, diverse cultural tastes and the strong bonds of friendship drawing on influences including Bjork, Caribou, Grizzly Bear, Carole King, Joni Mitchell and Kate Bush. In the space between the personal and the global, the throb of the night and the glint of the dawn, the crushing weight of a significant ending and the promise of a fresh start; Mesadorm's music awaits.

 “I’m absolutely addicted... really affecting and beautiful” - Lauren Laverne, BBC 6 Music
 “Some of the most interesting music this year” - The Guardian

Alabaster Deplume

Performance poet and enigmatic musician Alabaster Deplume offers up fluid live music performances that reassure with behaviour and sound while challenging with thoughts and words.

“Totally unique… Very, very brilliant indeed” – Max Reinhardt, BBC Radio 3

“One of the most thrilling performances I’ve seen this year; a reminder of how vital and adventurous music can be” – Laura Barton, The Guardian

“a torrent of words and ideas that never fail to inspire” – CLASH Music


Big Ben Jorge

Explosive Samba Funk party music.


Big Ben Jorge is a south London based group playing tropical dance music inspired by 70's Brazilian pop music, particularly that of maestro Jorge Ben. Infectious groove and audacious costumes galore!

Gamelan Lila Cita

(meaning ‘amusement of the heart’ or ‘happiness’)

Lila Cita will perform on a small gamelan Angklung, one of the oldest types of Balinese gamelan, usually played for temple ceremonies and village festivals. Intricately carved tuned bronze gongs and metallophones produce a dynamic music characterised by interlocking melodic and rhythmic patterns. In contrast to the larger Gong Kebyar, this gamelan is tuned to a four-note slendro scale and conjures a mood of playfulness and charm. 


Lila Cita was formed by Andy Channing in 1992 to play this unique and very old set of instruments, called Kembang Kirang, later expanding to encompass Gong Kebyar, Semar Pegulingan and other types of Balinese gamelan. Many of the members have studied in Bali, and it is the only group in Britain that regularly performs a wide range of traditional and contemporary Balinese music. The group has performed throughout the UK and abroad, including in Bali in 2006.


DJ Cal Jader

DJ Cal Jader is one of the founders of Movimientos London and champion of new wave Latin music. His sets bring people together with the freshest Latin and global sounds, combining classic rhythms with contemporary cutting-edge and urban beats with a London twist.

Cal Jader regualerly DJs across London and the UK festival circuit (Bestival, Secret Garden Party The Big Chill). He has played around the world from Istanbul to Llubjana (Slovenia), Copenhagen (Denmark) and Mexico City amongst others. He’s Djed at shows for Manu Chao & Radio Bemba, Calle 13 (Hackney Empire), Ska Cubano (Koko) and Chocquibtown (Electric Ballroom/Jazz Cafe).

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